Back ground

BUDIVEA was started in 2016 by Ms. Kamuwanda Betty with the of developing her capacity in supporting Vulnerable persons after her suffering as a young lady with disabilities in her child hood. BUDIVEA practices inclusive and participatory approach in empowering marginalized groups like Orphans, elderly and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) especially women and girls with disabilities. 

It’s upon this background that BUDIVEA enlists to it’s programs of persons with exceptional needs, PWDs, orphans, older persons and all victims of related difficult marginalized situation.

It was officially first registered in 2018 and renewed in 2020. In February, 2021, BUDIVEA officially opened up their offices with a delegation of over seventy persons with disability especially women with disabilities, chairpersons of disability committees on parish level from the six parishes in Nyenga division. The LCI committee was invited, the community development officer (CDO) of Nyenga division was invited, board members and all the members of BUDIVEA attended the function.

Through this period of our operation, we have discovered that most PWDs especially women and children are facing a lot of challenges in accessing assistive devises, accessing education, sexual violence and harassment, poverty, irritracy and ignorance about their fundamental rights.

We hope that if our efforts are supported by well-wishers around the globe, the lively hoods of marginalized in Buikwe district and Uganda at large will greatly improve.


To empower persons with various disabilities, other needy persons and their families with knowledge and skills so as to live a happy and meaningful life


To have a society that values persons with disabilities, Older persons and promotes their rights.

Specific Objectives

  1. To identify and assess the neediest person, Older persons, children and youth with disabilities.
  2. To act as a coordinating body of the CBO in Buikwe for the marginalized people like Older persons youth with disabilities, among others.
  3. To advocate for equal opportunities for older persons, youths with disabilities and other marginalized persons.
  4. To make home visits to guide and counsel the parents about disability management 
  5. To promote assurance of survival rights of all marginalized persons like older persons, including exceptional girls and women, persons with disabilities, HIV victims, orphans/destitute, and women and girls who are sexually harassed and abused.
  6. To work hand in hand with any other development actors for the good will of Buikwe and surrounding communities. These include, linkage, networking, advocating for and lobbying on behalf of the said community with government actors, NGOs, Civil Organizations, and Donors plus any other local efforts geared towards the common good of children, older persons and youth with disabilities.
  1. To create avenues for economic empowerment for impoverished members of BUDIVEA through, and impartation of knowledge and skills in:
  1. Income Generation Activities (IGAs) Handcraft, Carpentry , Poultry keeping, Apiary management (bee keeping) and Livestock and goat rearing
  2. Horticulture and backyard farming
  3. To promote food security practices
  4. Promotion of modern farming/commercial farming
  1. To promote behavioral change and instill savings culture for resource redistribution and cohesion 
    1. Formation and maintenance of income groups such as SACOs
    2. Enhance credit access and accountability
    3. Promote human and financial capital accumulation 
    4. Support integration of entrepreneurship skills to daily house chores 
  2. To promote public campaign on awareness of human rights including:
    1. Fundamental rights of women, older persons, disable persons and other minority groups who are denied their rights
    2. Carry out health education on local ant-natal practices and institutional health guidance including immunization campaign
    3. Reduce teenage pregnancy and eradicate early marriage.
  3. To Promote good practices for environmental protection and co-existence with nature
    1. Tree planting
    2. Promotion of use of alternative sources of fuel and energy for domestic use
  4. To promote peace unity and community co-existence through:
    1. Alleviation of all forms of gender-based violence
    2. Formation of common interest groups for community fraternity